Fancy Intense Baby Pink Created Diamond Earrings

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Pink created diamond earrings

These 0.50 ct fancy intense baby pink created diamond earrings are masterfully hand set in a classic halo solitaire ‘martini glass’ stud setting.

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These 0.50 ct fancy intense baby pink created diamond earrings are masterfully hand set in a classic halo solitaire ‘martini glass’ stud setting. Beautiful, balanced and elegant these created pink diamonds are perfectly cut and accented with full cut natural diamonds weighing 0.21 carats. Each fancy intense baby pink created diamond is 0.50 cts. The total carat weight for the pair of earrings is 1.21 tcwt, set in 14kt white gold.

People have longed for a beautiful colourless or vivid colour fancy diamond only to discover that the prices can run from the tens of thousands into the millions of dollars for even a modest size stone. It is not uncommon for a fancy pink vivid diamond to be in excess of $1,000,000 dollars per carat. The majority of the world’s pink diamonds come from the Argyle diamond mine in Australia and only a handful are released once a year at their tender to exclusive clients around the world.

For us mere mortals, true luxury without compromise as to a diamond’s colour, beauty, or quality of workmanship is now attainable by purchasing a lab created diamond. For some it is a social question whether to purchase a traditionally mined diamond and what that diamond represents, and, having been involved in Canada’s first diamond mine – Ekati I can tell you that the strictest environmental and social standards are observed. One of the reasons that most people purchase a laboratory-grown diamond is for that assurance and peace of mind that it has been made in a socially responsible manner. Another is for the incredible value for a diamond that is still a diamond regardless of where it was ‘born’.

The difference between a fancy created diamond and a fancy earth mined diamond lies in the origin of the diamond. The heat and pressure settings in which a diamond naturally grows has been replicated above-ground in laboratories; a laboratory-grown diamond is a diamond that is grown from a small diamond seed. The diamond seed is placed in an environment that contains carbon, the molecular component of diamonds. After applying heat and pressure under highly controlled conditions, the small diamond seed begins to grow, molecule by molecule, layer by layer, emulating nature’s process.

Additionally, each lab created diamond purchase helps directly benefit more than 45 organizations as a percentage of the sale is contributed to EarthShare is a U.S.-based network of the worlds most respected environmental and conservation organizations, and offers a simple way to care for our health, water, air, land and wildlife.

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